Development Fingerprints: Silver Nitrate

Silver nitrate is used to develop latent prints on porous specimens. It reacts with the sodium chloride (salt) content in perspiration. These latent prints should be photographed as soon as possible.

Scales, magnetic stirrer and stirring bar, glass tray, brush,
high-intensity light, dark glass storage bottles

Materials and Chemicals
• Silver nitrate (reagent grade purity ≥ 99%)
• Ethanol

Mixing Procedure (Water Base)
Combine 3 g of silver nitrate and 100 mL distilled water. Stir them until all the crystals are dissolved.

Alcohol Base
Combine 3 g of silver nitrate and 10 mL distilled water and place them on a stirring device until all the crystals are dissolved. Add this solution to 100 mL of ethanol.

Processing Procedure
When applying the silver nitrate solution to a specimen, it can be dipped or painted. The specimen must be dried and then subjected to high-intensity light or sunlight to develop prints.

Storage: Dark glass bottles

Shelf Life: Up to 1 year

Observe all federal, state, and local environmental disposal regulations.