Lecture Experiments


Aladdin's magic lamp

If one rubs the magic lamp the genie will come out.


Burning magnesium in dry ice

Magnesium turnings and magnesium pencil sharpener burn in a cavity of dry ice blocks.


Burning gel

A burning gel can be produced by mixing aqueous solution of calcium acetate and ethanol.




Where is the water

This experiment demonstrate the magic of the chemistry. It demonstrates water disappearance which is actually absorbed by a polymer.


Mercury beating heart: Classical demonstration

Miniature mercury pool in a watch glass is covered with aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. When iron nail touches the mercury surface with the tip mercury starts to beat like a heart.


Mercury beating heart: Electrochemical modification

When mercury is covered with aqueous solution of sulfuric acid a touch with a point of graphite cathode produces rapid pulsations of the mercury.


Electrochemical writing

An iron nail can be used for writing in electrochemical system consisted of aluminum foil as second electrode besides the nail and filter paper soaked with electrolyte, phenolphthalein and potassium iodide.


Magic spoon

A metal spoon placed in the hot water disappears. It is prepared from low temperature melting alloy.