Make a Microscale Spirit Burner


Small disposable bottles – vials can be used for making microscale spirit burner.

Tabasko vial or any glass vial (Fig. 1) used for pharmaceutical product like 5 mL Heparin vials, piece of toilet paper, glue, scissors, methylated spirit, gypsum stand for the vial.


  • Open and clean the vial. Remove the label with hot water and if there is a need with ethanol.
  • Use a piece of toilet paper to make a wick (according Dr. Peter Schwarz).
  • Glue the end of the paper
  • Cut the prepared wick to the appropriate length.
  • Place a vial on a gypsum stand and fill it with methylated spirit.
  • Insert the wick in the vial.
  • Ignite the microburner.
  • Try to extinguish by covering the flame with a test tube.
  • Close the microburner with its vial stopper (Fig. 2).

Fi. 1. Vials

Fig. 2. Closed microscale spirit burner