Make a Piezo Sparkler


Piezo element from cigarette lighter is used for making piezo sparkler.

Appropriate cigarette lighter, piece of wood or particle board (5 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm), hand drill machine, appropriate bits, silicone glue gun, cord with two crocodile clips, scissors, tweezers, scalpel.


  • Disassemble the cigarette lighter by removing the metal closure and the plastic button. Remove the piezo element. That is the heart of the device you make.
  •  Drill holes on the wooden board for the piezo element and the wire.
  • Cut the wire with the crocodile clips on two.
  • Put the wire trough the side hole of the wooden board and pull it out from the central hole with a tweezers.
  •  Remove its isolation in length of 4 cm.
  • Coil the copper wire around the metal cylinder of the piezo element.
  • Heat the silicon glue gun.
  • Add the molten glue on the metal cylinder of the piezo element and place it in the hole.
  • Connect the second wire (the one with the crocodile) to the wire of the piezo element (first remove the isolation).
  • Use silicon glue to fix the connection and some part of the wire to the wooden surface (Fig. 1).  
  • Bring the crocodile clips on close distance (~ 1 mm or less) and test the piezo sparkler . 

Fig. 1. Gluing the wire

Fig. 2. Piezo sparklers