Make a Single Test Tube Stand from Gypsum - Simple Way


This kind of stand is prepared by making a mold and casting a gypsum stand.

Plastic box, test tube, microburner, beaker or plastic box for preparing gypsum plaster, spoon, gypsum plaster, water,


  • Heat the test tube and use it to make a hole into the plastic box (Fig. 1).
  • Fix the test tube to the plastic box with glue (see video).
  • Prepare the gypsum plaster in a box.
  • Pour the plaster in the mold (Fig. 2) and wait to get hard.
  • Remove the prepared gypsum stand (Fig. 3).
  • Let it dry.
  • You can use white metal paint to paint the stand.

Gypsum is relatively soft and the paint can protect it.
One can use vial instead of a test tube to make a stand.

Fig. 1. Making mold

Fig. 2. Casting gypsum plaster

Fig. 3. Removing stand from the mold