Make a Single Test Tube Stand from Gypsum – Improved Version


This procedure is a bid more complex than the previous. Make a mold out of dental impression material and use gypsum plaster to make stands.

Dental impression material, scalpel, one single test tube stand prepared by the previous method, beaker or plastic box for preparing gypsum plaster, spoon, gypsum plaster, water.


  • Use the test tube stand prepared by the previous method to cut it and shape it (Fig. 1) in order to provide view on the lower part of the test tube that is place in it .
  • Prepare the dental impression material (Fig. 2) according to it’s instructions.
  • Use the prepared dental impression material for casting (Fig. 3)
  • Let it get hard and then remove the stand.
  • Prepare the gypsum plaster in a box (Fig. 4).
  • Pour the plaster in the mold and wait to get hard.
  • Remove the prepared gypsum stand.
  • Let it dry.
  • You can use white metal paint to paint the stand.

Gypsum is relatively soft and the paint can protect it.

Fig. 1. Making model


Fig. 2. Dental impression material


Fig. 3. Making mold



Fig. 4. Casting gypsum plaster