Make Electrodes for Electrolysis from Hypodermic Needles


Hypodermic needles can be closed with silicone glue or their plastic part can be heated and pressed to be closed.

New or used in the laboratory hypodermic needles, microburner, tweezers, silicon glue gun.


  • Heat the plastic part of the hypodermic needle close to the flame of microburner .
  • When it gets soft press it with tweezers to close it (Fig. 1).
  • The other way is to use molten silicon glue to close the hole (Fig. 2) in the plastic part.  

Do not use hypodermic needles used in hospitals. They might be contaminated and their use can spread some disease!

Fig. 1. Closing the needle by pressing the softened plastic

Fig. 2. Closing the hole with molten silicon glue

Fig. 3. Prepared electrodes for electrolysis