Materials Science Experiments


Thermochromic paint

A thermochromic paint is prepared using Ag2[HgI4]. A painted paper is laminated. When the temperature is increased, the color of drawings changes from yellow to red.




Smart wire

A piece of nitinol wire with spiral shape is placed in Petri dish. In contact with hot water the wire changes its shape.


Pyrophoric Iron

A pyrophoric iron is prepared by pyrolysis of iron(II) oxalate. It can ignite spontaneously in contact with air.


Pyrophoric Lead

A pyrophoric lead is prepared by pyrolysis of lead(II) tartrate. It can ignite spontaneously in contact with air.


Pyrophorisity of Silane

Magnesium silicide in contact with hydrochloric acid produces silane which in contact with air ignites spontaneously.


Electrochromism of 3Ni(OH)2·2H2O

Thin films of 3Ni(OH)2∙2H2O were prepared with chemical bath deposition. They exhibit electrochromism in alkaline solution followed by color change from colorless to black.


Magnetic properties of gaseous oxygen

An oxygen bubble can be attracted by the magnetic field of a strong magnet.