Electrolysis of Water in a Plastic Pipet

Electrolysis of water is performed in a Beral pipet. The explosion of the gas mixture is triggered with a spark,

One test tubes, one stand, one Beral pipet, two pins, two wires with crocodile clips, 9 V battery, piezo sparkler.

Saturated solution of sodium sulphate.

Safety tips
Ware safety googles.

Fig. 1. Apparatus for electrolysis


Fig. 2. Apparatus for ignition of the mixture



  • Assemble apparatus for electrolysis according to the  Fig. 1;
  • Make the pipet stem shorter according to the test tube height;
  • Place sodium solution in the tets tube;
  • Fill the pipet totally with the solution;
  • Pierce the pipet’s bulb with the pins;
  • Start the electrolysis by connecting the pins with the battery;
  • When the pipet’s bulb is totally filled with gas disconnect the battery;
  • Press the pipet’s bulb to remove the rest solution from the bulb which may interfere with making spark;
  • Connect the pins with crocodile clips of piezo sparkler;
  • Set the pins tips on a distance of 1 mm;
  • Pay attention on the pipet’s bulb and press the trigger of the piezo sparkler.
  • At the end, collect the solution of sodium sulfate, throw the pipet in the trash bin.