Microscale Experiments



Volume reduction during mixing of ethanol and water

A well known experiment on volume reduction of ethanol mixed with water is microscaled.  Using a capillary the volume change can clearly be observed or even measured when only 2 mL of each two liquids are mixed.




Ammonia fountain

Ammonia is generated in a plastic pipete and collected in a small test tube which is later closed with rubber stoper with needle and immersed in water.


Crystallisation from supersaturated solution 

A plastic ampoule filled with supersaturated solution of sodium acetate is prepared from a plastic pipete. By cutting the ampoule stem an exothermic process of crystallisation can clearly be observed followed by volume reduction.


Electrochemical corrosion of aluminum

Diluted solution of mercury(II) chloride in contact with aluminum surface provides conditions for continuous relatively fast process of corrosion.


Electrolysis of water in a plastic pipet

The electrolysis of water is performed in a plastic pipet. The explosion of the gas mixture consisted of oxygen and hydrogen is triggered by an electric spark generated with piezo element.


Determination of the oxygen content in the air

A simple and fast determination of oxygen content in the air is proposed based on the reaction between NO(g) and oxygen.




Generation of hydrogen

Hydrogen is generated in a plastic pipette.


Generation of oxygen

Oxygen is generated in a plastic pipette.



Oxyhydrogen rocket

Plastic pipette is used for preparation of a rocket. Explosion of oxyhydrogen gas is initiated in the rocket with a piezo igniter.